I'm Emmett. I was a stray for the first part of my life, but I adopted my people a few years ago and they seem happy to have me. I'm a Boxer/Ridgeback cross and am happiest when I am on a walk or riding in the car to go for a walk. I think about food a lot... okay, all the time! Is it 4 o'clock yet?


I'm Juniper and I'm a true cat burglar. I can turn door knobs and unhook hook and eye fasteners with ease. When I'm not being mischievous, I love to snuggle and chase my sister, Sophie.


I'm Leo, aka "The Shaggy Beast", and squirrel hunter extraordinaire!


I'm Sophie and my person says I'm the best companion anyone could ever ask for. I love to romp around, especially in the snow and play with my brother, Juniper.

Trapper & Ranger

I'm Trapper and this is my little brother Ranger, we're two of the wildest Vizslas north of the Mason-Dixon Line. We love to hike, wrestle, hunt squirrels, cause pandemonium, bark at each other (especially when our humans are watching TV) and couch surf! Don't let our cuteness fool you, we'll do just about anything for snacks!

Glen Plake

I'm Glen and I'm named after the pioneer of extreme skiing. I spend a lot of my time protecting my mohawk (comb) from frostbite, henpeck, and the fashion-police. When I'm not busy laying one white egg a day, I can be found descending the mighty Compost Peak, a colossal and nutrient rich compost pile located in the heart of the Midcoast.


I'm Kit - I had a rough start in life, but all that changed when my person found me at PAWS Animal Adoption Center. I love to ruin knitting projects and to lay in plants, but my favorite pastime is playing with my brother, Grizzy.


I’m Motor, a shy guy to most, but I love to cuddle under the blankets. I have a tendency to purr and snore loudly, especially when everything else is really quiet.


I'm Sparky, a 13 year old Tabby Cat and ruler of the house. Dilly, Dilly.

Watson & Zoey

I'm Watson and this is my sister Zoey. We're a little gray around the edges, just like our humans, but we still love to go on adventures!


I'm Grizzy and my person says I'm the sweetest, most gentle dog ever! I love going for long walks and taking in all the smells. When I'm not rolling around with my favorite toy, I'm playing with my cat (Kit) I got for Christmas last year. Most importantly, I'll do just about anything for a treat!

Lemon Jelly

I'm LJ aka Buddy, aka Silly Goose, aka Psycho Taco. Wanted in Connection With: Running from one end of the house to the other, indulging in too much "nip", terrorizing mice, perching atop furniture like a gargoyle and plotting world domination.


I’m Roman, a talkative guy who likes laying by the fire, chewing up cardboard boxes, and drifting through the kitchen like a rally racer.

Tomah & Hopi

I'm Tomah (right), an Alaskan husky and my name means "high place." And I'm Hopi (left), a Siberian husky and my name means "peace." We're always ready to run and play, we especially love hunting mice and our favorite season is winter.