Get a Sense of Trail Running

A Beginner’s Guide to Running Through the Trees With the weather heating up, it feels like nature is calling. One way to listen in is to get out in  the woods and run! Trail running is a fantastic sport to get into this summer. The cardio, lower body and health benefits are incredible. And running …

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Mountain Biking

On Falling and Pedaling On

“The trails are pretty technical,” Colin, from the Maine Sport bike shop tells me, “a good place to cut your teeth.” I, having never ridden a mountain bike that didn’t come from a yard sale, was suitably spooked. To a beginner, “technical” sounds a lot like “I hope you bring an arm sling.”  This potentially …

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Nature by the Numbers

For some reason today I woke up in a quantitative frame of mind. I think it is in part due to my daily observations and computing of the overall state of the woodshed, which after being pillaged twice, thrice, or more times daily is starting to look a little gaunt around the haunches like a …

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