Our Sporting Goods Department carries a selection tennis rackets, basketballs, footballs, soccer gear, lawn games, baseball & softball equipment…and so much more!  If fitness is your forte, we’ve got the gear to keep you moving!

Tennis Racket Sales and Service

Demo Rackets | $5+

Want to try out a performance racket or two? We offer demo rackets on performance models for $5 per day. We’ll deduct any demo fees when you purchase a racket. If you purchase a performance unstrung racket with us, we’ll include free stringing with Head PPS 16G synthetic gut – a $28 value!


Racket Stringing | $20+

Racket stringing is available for $20 labor plus the cost of the string used. There may be additional labor charges to repair grommets, etc. We can usually string the racket in 48 hours depending on the time of year. Shorter times may be available.


Re-gripping | FREE

Re-gripping or over-wrapping services are available at no extra charge when grip is purchased here.

Pickle Ball Rackets

We stock several racket models from Gamma and Head, as well as balls and grips.