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Use Code SUMMER30 for 30% Off Summer Apparel & Footwear

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Maine Sport Outfitters was founded in 1976 by current owners Stuart and Marianne Smith. This family-owned and operated business was built on the concept that providing quality products and excellent service would be essential for the healthy-minded community of Midcoast Maine. While early product lines revolved around athletic apparel, the business quickly became engaged in the outdoor apparel and equipment industry.

In 1990, and after several years of rapid growth, Maine Sport Outfitters moved out of the small downtown Camden location to the current flagship location on Route 1 in Rockport. At that time, the store became an early adopter of sea kayaking activities and also developed a robust Outdoor School providing numerous outdoor trips and activities for both visitors and year-round residents of Midcoast Maine. The store soon became the regional leader in paddle sports, bikes, camping, fishing, winter sports, outdoor apparel, and footwear.

The Smiths were active members in the community during this time as well, assisting to develop the area’s youth basketball program, partnering to build a community hockey rink and indoor tennis facility, as well as helping to construct a new regional High School.

Since 1990, Maine Sport Outfitters has expanded three times and has now remodeled and reopened the original store in Camden. The stores focus on providing customers with only the highest quality products, knowledgeable and personalized service, and unique experiences that foster a love for the outdoors. MSO is now proud to be one of the Northeast's largest dealers of Trek bikes, Old Town Canoes, and outdoor footwear and apparel. Here at MSO, we continue to stay focused on providing only the best products and experiences to help more people safely access outdoor recreation.

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