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Climb 2.0 ready2c 120mm CF v2

Climb 2.0 ready2c 120mm CF v2

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For regular ski tourers looking for a resistant ski skin. An ideal model for all types of terrain encountered during multi-day mountain expeditions. Composition. Mohair 70 % / Nylon 30 %. Features. Featuring a 70 % mohair and 30 % nylon structure, the Climb skin integrates Pomoca's exclusive antiglopping Ever Dry 2.0 and waterproof Safer Skin Light technologies. A hardwearing skin thanks to its semi-synthetic structure, making it extremely versatile. Performance. Offering an excellent glide-climb ratio, the Climb skin is a real winner. Resistant, versatile and easy to use.

Grip: from 30 to 46 g/cm

Glide: from 300 to 235 kcal/h

Weight: 1.150g/m2 - 215g/skin (110mm x 170cm)


  • S: Skis from approximately 155 cm until 170 cm.
  • M: Skis from approximately 165 cm until 180cm.
  • L: Skis from approximately 175 m until 190 cm.
  • XL: Skis from approximately 185 cm until 200 cm.
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