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Douglas SKY G 5904 9' 5wt 4pc

Douglas SKY G 5904 9' 5wt 4pc

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Performance plus elegance " the Douglas SKY G Fly Rod leverages technology in its quest to achieve fly rod perfection. Fish one, and you'll see why it's considered the ultimate presentation rod for finicky trout. The SKY G is crafted on a beautiful multi-modulus blank with a moderately fast action, so it's wonderfully lightweight and eminently castable, and the addition of revolutionary G-Tec platelets takes it over the top. G-Tec is 10 times stronger than steel, and 5% as dense; incorporating this material into the rod blank further reduces the rod weight, greatly increases its strength, and because G-Tec is a highly efficient conductor of energy, adds extreme sensitivity and responsiveness. Altogether, you'll find the SKY G offers superb dampening and recovery, near-effortless casting, accuracy, and outstanding durability. Top-drawer components include REC Titanium Cerecoil guides with zirconia inserts, REC Titanium recoil guides, AAAA flor grade cork, a skeletonized aluminum reel seat, double uplocking rings with nylon bushings, and burled blackwood inserts. Includes a plush rod sock and aluminum tube. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty. The ultimate presentation rod Multi-modulus blank Moderate-fast action Crafted with G-Tec platelets Incredibly lightweight, but strong Superior sensitivity and responsiveness REC Titanium Cerecoil guides with zirconia inserts REC Titanium recoil guides AAAA flor grade cork Skeletonized aluminum reel seat Double uplocking rings with nylon bushings Burled blackwood inserts Lifetime warranty.

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