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Now Carrying Ice Fishing Gear! | Click to See the Collection

End of the Road

by Ingram Spark
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The year was 1935 when Lawrence watched his family die before he took his own life on the side of the road in the high desert of Arizona. While his wife and children crossed over, Lawrence did not. Decades pass and more people die by various circumstances along this same stretch of highway. For some, their spirits remain earthbound. Confined to this area, the ghosts form a community. Over time they learn to channel energy and move objects, communicate with the living and even assist in roadside rescues. Yavapai County Sheriff's Deputy, Elena Hernandez, is on the scene of a dangerous wildfire when she mistakes two spirits for civilians. She attempts to save them, but instead succumbs to the smoke and they wind up saving her. With a train wreck of a personal life, the last thing Elena wants is the ability to see dead people. Indebted to the ghosts who rescued her, Elena promises to help the earthbound spirits cross over, despite the risks it may pose to her career. During the process, Elena meets a psychic medium who provides much needed guidance for her new gift. Helping the ghosts cross over isn't a simple task and Elena finds herself becoming emotionally invested. Unresolved issues with her ex-husband complicate matters even more and she realizes that fulfilling her promise to the ghosts will either further derail her life or maybe, just maybe, through the dead she can learn to live again. A story about life, death and life after death.