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Free Shipping on Orders over $199

Hatch Kit Vapor 12 -

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The hatch can simply be an open divot in the rear of the kayak in which things can be stored. And that’s the way it comeson the base model. It’s great for people who want to hold big, waterproof things. But what if the things you’re storing aren’t waterproof? Or what if they’re lightweight, or slide around on the plastic of the boat? Then you’ll want a hatch cover to keep your gear safe, and we can provide.

This kit will cover the rear hatch of the Vapor 12 recreational boat so that you can keep your stuff dry. It  comes with instructions for installation, the hatch cover and its hinges, rivets to secure it to the boat, and a hatch rope. It’s a simple affordable solution to the problem, and one you can enact on your own.