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OAC Skinbased Skis

KAR 149 Skis + EA 2.0

KAR 149 Skis + EA 2.0

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The versatile OAC KAR 149 is our answer to a go-everywhere, do-anything ski. Revamped for the 22/23 ski season, this latest iteration of the KAR features ABS base reinforcements that improve overall durability, as well as a new tip and tail design that offer better floatation and improved tracking.

The OAC EA 2.0 Universal Binding gives you the freedom to ski in your choice of flexible-soled winter or hiking footwear. Now there is no need to own a dedicated set of ski boots! Suitable for a wide range of adult shoe styles and sizes.

Purpose: The most versatile ski in the Skinbased collection, paired with our most versatile binding. Reliably handles a wide array of terrain, snow types, and adventures.

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