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TATULA TW300 BAITCAST Reel 7 2CRBB 5BB 1 7.1 : 1 Left

TATULA TW300 BAITCAST Reel 7 2CRBB 5BB 1 7.1 : 1 Left

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Need to beef up for bigger, more aggressive bassin' techniques? Reach for the setup with the Daiwa ® Tatula 300 Baitcast Reel on it. This upsized version of the Tatula CT baitcaster is specially designed to accommodate anglers throwing big swimbaits, A-rigs, super-deep diving cranks, and other baits that are difficult to handle with standard-sized gear. Despite its increase in size and strength, the Tatula 300 offers a feature set that parallels the acclaimed CT, emphasizing superior castability and smooth, trouble-free operation. It's built on a rugged, 1-piece aluminum frame that firmly anchors its massive gearing and, with its tunable Air Rotation spool and extra-wide T-Wing levelwind, delivers unhindered line flow for the absolute maximum in casting distance and accuracy. Features a quality 8-bearing (7+1) system with instant anti-reverse; Daiwa's patented, externally adjustable Magforce ® cast control; carbon-rich Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD); 90mm Swept Handle with weight-reducing cutouts, and comfortable Soft Touch handle knobs. Upsized, beefier version of the Tatula CT Ideal for fishing big, hard-digging bass baits Super-smooth, long-cast performance Solid 1-piece aluminum frame Massive gearing Easy-turning Air Rotation spool T-Wing levelwind system for long, accurate casts 8-bearing (7+1) system with instant anti-reverse External-adjust Magforce cast control Ultimate Tournament Drag system 90mm Swept Handle with Soft Touch knobs.

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