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UMPQUA Deluxe Fly Tying Kit

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This deluxe fly tying kit has a comprehensive selection of materials to allow you to tie a wide variety of flies. This is a great starter set for kids and adults alike, and makes a super birthday or Christmas gift. Reasonably priced, but includes everything that is needed to start tying quality flies. Includes Full Tying Instruction book and Sample Flies Comprehensive Selection of Materials including Head Cement, Tinsel, Floss, Tying Thread, Assorted Chenille, Peacock, Metz Dry Fly Hackle, Assorted Marabou, Mallard Flank Feathers, Deer Body Hair, Strung Saddle Hackle, Assorted Dubbing, Calf Hair, Turkey Quill, Bucktail Pieces. Tools: Metz Beginner's Vise, Hackle Pliers, Scissors, Bobbin. Tiemco Hooks: Assortment of premium grade hooks Model Number: 35052 UPC: 052857350524.