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Free shipping on orders $199 and up

Upstream PLUS 4904 9' 4wt 4pc

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Not only does it offer a fine-tuned progressive action, the Douglas Upstream Plus Fly Rod also delivers the traditional action needed to completely master your trout-fishing accuracy, control and presentations. Thanks to modern components and nanoresins, this rod has a nibble-detecting sensitivity and lightweight feel to convert bites into hookups. Its vintage look and bamboo-like action combine to deliver elegant grace and control to every presentation. Natural Tonkin bamboo color, matte finish and clear wraps blend into most fishing environments. Upstream Plus Fly Rod features traditional spigot ferrules and includes rod tube. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Fine-tuned progressive action Master your trout-fishing accuracy Modern components and nanoresins Nibble-detecting sensitivity and lightweight feel convert bites into hookups Vintage look and bamboo-like action Natural Tonkin bamboo color with matte finish and clear wraps Traditional spigot ferrules Includes rod tube Manufacturer's lifetime warranty.