Mountain Biking

On Falling and Pedaling On

“The trails are pretty technical,” Colin, from the Maine Sport bike shop tells me, “a good place to cut your teeth.” I, having never ridden a mountain bike that didn’t come from a yard sale, was suitably spooked. To a beginner, “technical” sounds a lot like “I hope you bring an arm sling.”  This potentially …

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Volunteers Brave the Cold to Cleanup Curtis Island

On Thursday, October 18th, Maine Sport Outfitters partnered with Deedee Conover and the Town of Camden for a day of cleanup on Curtis Island in Camden Harbor. A team of four volunteers, Tim Barker, Robin Botley, Riki-Lynne Willmon and Andy York braved the unusually cold and windy weather to help prepare the grounds surrounding the …

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Pace Yourself

Let me just lay it out there: September is a grand month to be alive in this fair state of ours. The days are mostly free from the humidity of July and August, the nights are starting to get cool and are perfect for us who prefer to bury ourselves under the covers to sleep …

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