Top Ten Kayaking Spots in Midcoast Maine Near Camden

Top Ten Kayaking Spots in Midcoast Maine Near Camden

Midcoast Maine, particularly the charming towns of Camden, Rockport, and Rockland, is a paddler's paradise. Whether you're a seasoned kayaker or a beginner looking for a serene adventure, the area offers diverse and breathtaking landscapes. Here are the top ten kayaking spots near Camden, Maine, where you can experience the beauty and tranquility of the coast.

1. Camden Harbor

Camden Harbor

Camden Harbor is a bustling and scenic spot perfect for kayaking. Paddle around the historic schooners and lobster boats, and enjoy stunning views of Camden Hills. Early morning or late afternoon paddles are particularly peaceful here. Explore more about Camden Harbor.

2. Megunticook Lake

Megunticook Lake

Just a short drive from Camden, Megunticook Lake offers crystal-clear waters surrounded by forested hills. It’s a great spot for both calm paddling and exploring small coves. There are also opportunities to see wildlife like loons and bald eagles. Learn about Megunticook Lake.

3. Penobscot Bay

Penobscot Bay

Penobscot Bay is a vast and picturesque area perfect for more adventurous kayakers. The bay is dotted with islands, each offering unique scenery. Paddling here gives you a true sense of Maine's rugged coastline. Discover Penobscot Bay.

4. Rockport Harbor

Rockport Harbor

Rockport Harbor is quieter than Camden Harbor but equally charming. Paddle around the harbor, and you might see seals and various seabirds. The harbor’s calm waters make it ideal for a relaxing outing. Visit Rockport Harbor.

5. Lake St. George

Lake St. George

Located slightly further from Camden, Lake St. George is worth the trip for its pristine waters and beautiful surroundings. The lake is perfect for a peaceful day of kayaking and picnicking on its shores. Find out about Lake St. George.

6. Islesboro


A short ferry ride from Lincolnville, Islesboro offers scenic paddling along its coastline. The island's tranquil waters and picturesque views make it a favorite among kayakers. Explore Islesboro.

7. Medomak River

Medomak River

The Medomak River provides a different kind of kayaking experience with its meandering path through serene forests and farmland. It's an excellent spot for those looking to combine paddling with birdwatching. Learn more about the Medomak River.

8. Marshall Point

Marshall Point

Marshall Point, located in Port Clyde, offers a unique kayaking experience with stunning views of the iconic Marshall Point Lighthouse. Paddle around the rocky coastline and enjoy the rich marine life. It's a fantastic spot for photography and exploration. Discover Marshall Point.

9. Megunticook River

Megunticook River

The Megunticook River flows from Megunticook Lake through Camden, providing a unique urban paddling experience. It's a great way to see Camden from a different perspective and enjoy a leisurely paddle. Restoration efforts are currently working to expand the paddle-friendly part of the river all the way to the sea by removing relic dams. Learn more about restoration efforts here.

10. Rockland Breakwater

Rockland Breakwater

For a unique kayaking adventure, paddle along the Rockland Breakwater. The breakwater stretches nearly a mile into Penobscot Bay and offers stunning views of the bay and the Rockland Harbor Lighthouse. Visit Rockland Breakwater.


Kayaking in Midcoast Maine near Camden offers an array of experiences from tranquil lakes and rivers to adventurous coastal paddles. Each location provides a unique perspective on the natural beauty and wildlife of the area so grab your paddle and explore the Midcoast!

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