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Free Shipping on Orders over $199
Free Shipping on Orders over $199

Loyalty Program

The Maine Sport Outfitters Loyalty Program is a free rewards program offered to in-store customers making merchandise purchases at Maine Sport Outfitters’ Rockport, Camden or Rockland stores.

Membership Eligibility:

Maine Sport Outfitters will extend certain perks and privileges to customers who agree to sign up for the loyalty program by providing their cell phone number and email address. The loyalty program is open to individuals at least 18 years of age and is limited to one account per individual. Loyalty program membership is not available to businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and school/charity groups, or anyone other than an individual.

Earning Points:

Customers can receive rewards points on their Loyalty Program account through eligible purchases, and participation in other special programs and promotional offers. Merchandise purchases made at Maine Sport Outfitters’ Rockport or Camden location (after discounts/promotional offers have been applied and before taxes/fees) count towards reward point accrual. Every dollar ($1) spent earns one (1) reward point. Purchases made through Maine Sport Outfitter’s Outdoor Programs/Rentals department do not count towards reward point accrual. In-store services (ie: ski tuning, bicycle repairs, etc.) do not count towards reward point accrual. Gift card purchases do not count towards reward point accrual.

Redeeming Points:

Points will accumulate towards rewards. Once a certain number of points is reached, customers can redeem their points for an in-store discount on merchandise purchases (Outdoor Programs, Rentals and Service work is excluded). For example, 500 points unlocks a $50 discount off your next qualifying purchase. Customers can visit their account via their mobile phone at any time to track their points and see what discounts/rewards they may be eligible for. No more than $100 can be redeemed/discounted in a single transaction.

Communications & Data Privacy:

Maine Sport Outfitters may communicate with loyalty program members through their provided cell phone number and/or email address occasionally to share information about special member promotions and other offers. Maine Sport Outfitters only collects information that is directly provided by customers and will not, under any circumstances, share this information.

Right to Change/Cancel Loyalty Program:

Maine Sport Outfitters has the right to alter, limit, modify or terminate loyalty program at any time, without prior notice.

Additional Terms & Conditions:

Program benefits or loyalty points may not be merged, transferred, purchased, sold, assigned, auctioned or traded. Loyalty points cannot be redeemed for cash or anything other than the rewards specified. Maine Sport Outfitters reserves the right to revoke the loyalty program membership and benefits/points of any customer if that customer abuses any of the program privileges, fraudulently uses the program or fails to comply with these terms & conditions.


For all questions about the Maine Sport Outfitters Loyalty Program, please contact us at (207) 236-7120 or