Bike Service

Bike in front of shop counter

We are a full service bike shop. Please come in to the store or call ahead (207-236-7120) for bike repair, customization, or builds. In addition to our tunes, ask us about our Suspension & Individual Service prices. Our shop is located on the bottom floor of the Rockport store.

Pricing & Options:

Starter Tune - 79.99

Basic cleaning + wheels trued + derailleurs and shifting adjusted + brakes adjusted + all bearings and pivots inspected/adjusted + all nuts and bolts checked/torqued + drivetrain lubricated + tires inflated + final inspection and test ride to ensure proper function


Advanced Tune - $119.99

Starter tune + sonic cleaning of drivetrain (chain, cassette and chainrings) for smooth performance and increased longevity


Premium Tune (Best Value) - $159.99

Advanced tune + brakes bled or brake cables and housings replaced for reliable braking performance + shift cables and housings replaced for smooth operation*


E-Bike Tune - $139.99

Advanced tune + firmware update (MSO brands) + thorough cleaning of brake pads, rotors and calipers for strong braking feel + also includes labor to install common e-bike high wear items like brake pads, rotors, chain and cassette***(price for parts like bulk cables and housing are not included)​**(price for parts like brake pads, rotors, chain and cassette are not included)



Rush fee: 24h $40, 48h $20

Tandem/Recumbent: $20

Non MSO brand E-bike: $20

Tire/Tube change: $10

Shop Hourly Rate: $80