Community Gear Swap 2023

Community Gear Swap: Saturday, October 7th, 10am-12pm

Accepting Gear: September 23rd - October 6th

Location: MSO Rockport, 115 Commercial St. Rockport, Maine 04856

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The Maine Sport Outfitters Gear Swap is intended to extend the life of lightly used gear that many of us have in our barns or garages. It’s an opportunity to sell those items in return for MSO gift certificates as well as a chance to shop for lightly used gear at a significant savings.
    Selling Your Used Gear:
    • Gather your clean, functioning, unused or lightly used gear and bring to Maine Sport Outfitters to be assessed and to set a reserve price (the minimum price acceptable).
    • The gear swap is hard goods only. Clothing will not be accepted.  
    • Items should be brought to the Outdoor Program desk in our Rockport store for assessment beginning on Sept 23rd. If we can reach a mutually acceptable reserve price, the item will be tagged and entered into our gear swap inventory. Gear must be submitted by 1PM on October 6th to give us time to process gear into our system. 
    • You WILL be asked to sign a brief contract stating the terms of the agreement. If your item sells, you will receive 100% of the selling price in a MSO gift card. No cash will be exchanged. Gift cards are usable at any of our in-store locations. Unfortunately, gift cards are not accepted online.
    • Returned Gear:  If your item does not sell, the seller MUST pick up the items by October 14th or the items will be donated to a charity of our choosing. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. ITEMS MUST BE RETRIEVED BY OCTOBER 14TH.
    • For some large items such as kayaks or SUP’s, a “refundable deposit” may be required to enter into the gear swap. The refundable deposit is simply meant to cover the cost of disposal if a donor fails to retrieve their large item if it fails to sell.
    • MSO reserves the absolute right to decline to accept items for sale for any reason (ie. condition, overabundance of that type of item or anything else)
    • If you have questions about whether your item can be sold, please call our Outdoor Program desk at 236-8797. 
    • Notification of sold items will be made by email/text the day after the sale (October 8th). Gift cards will be issued in person to sellers with valid ID’s. They will be issued in person through October 15th or sent by mail by October 31.
    Buying Gear:
    • The event is slated for October 7th from 10AM - 12PM on the front lawn at Maine Sport Rockport
    • The gear swap is “eBay auction” style where used gear has a “reserve price” and in some cases a “Buy it Now” price
    • During the gear swap, shoppers write down their bid on the item tag. The highest offered bid will win the item.  Shoppers can bid as many times as they like.
    • All items will be sold “as is.”
    • Payment of winning bids must be made the day of the Gear Swap.

    Pricing Used Gear:

    • PLEASE NOTE, our staff will help price your used gear fairly. The pricing has to work for both parties, so a fair price for your gear and a real chance to see it sold are both important. There are no benefits to unsold gear.
    • Our benchmark pricing will be based on the fact that hard goods in excellent condition are often priced at 40% of the purchase price.
    • Age and wear and tear can further affect pricing. A good metric you might find useful is to search eBay for similar items to yours, use the advanced search, and then filter for “sold items” or completed sales to see what similar items have been selling for.
    • If you have questions of what an item might be worth, we strongly encourage you to call the Outdoor Program desk beforehand at 207-236-8797, and we’ll try to give you a price range.