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Use Code SUMMER30 for 30% Off Summer Apparel & Footwear

Off-Season Boat Storage

MSO Boat Storage


Your favorite summer watercraft deserves better



Storage begins September 1 and ends June 1st

Flat fee of $250 for the season


Boat pick up and drop off available


Call our programs desk at 207-236-8797 to reserve space now!

Be sure to check out our FAQs section for any questions


How long can I store it with you?

Maine Sport boat storage begins Sept 1 and ENDS on June 1st

Can I store my sailboat?

Canoes/SUPS/Kayaks only

Where do I drop off my boat?

Canoes/SUPS/Kayaks can be dropped off at the Rockport Store (only) on weekends from September 1 till November 15th.  Please visit the outdoor program desk when you swing by.

Can my boat be picked up?

MSO offers pick up and drop off locally for $100.  Beyond Local (Camden, Rockport, Rockland) . . MSO delivery rates apply.  Boats should be brought to “the curb” (within 50 yards of where the trailer can be placed)

 When do I pay?

A FLAT fee of $250 for OFF SEASON storage will be collected at the time of the drop off.  Name/phone/email will be affixed to the boat when an MSO employee does a “walk around” of the boat with the owner before being placed on the racks.  All watercraft will be delivered to the Maine Sport Rockland storage facility each weekend.   Before storing, cockpits will be taped shut with plastic and bungees.

 Where do I pick up my boat from storage?

Boat Pickup:  Boats can be picked up beginning April 1st  from our Rockland or Rockport store with 72 hours notice.  Please call our Outdoor Programs desk to schedule a time and place to pick up your boat.

How will I know when to pick up my boat?

Boat storage ends on June 1.  Notifications will be sent one month, two weeks and one week prior to June 1 to pick up your boat.

Can I have my boat delivered after storage?

Deliveries can be scheduled beginning April 1st and the last delivery will be May 31.  There should be someone home to receive deliveries but if there is no one home, the boat will be left at delivery address and a picture will be taken and sent to the customer.  

What happens if I do no pick up by June 1?

Beginning June 1, any leftover boats will be moved to the Rockport Store racks OUTSIDE and customers can pick them up there by calling our program desk.  Leftover boats will incur a “leftover” surcharge of $50/month and will not be released without payment.