Old Town Sportsman ePDL+

You've heard of an e-bike, but have you heard of an e-kayak?

The Bigwater ePDL+ 132 with Power Assisted Pedal. Now Available.


Designed to keep anglers in the chase, ePDL+ combines pedal and battery assist to propel your fishing experience to the next level.

Propulsion control is at your fingertips for adjustment during changing conditions. Easily switch between manual mode, power assist mode with 5 levels of power, and cruise control. The backlit LCD display keeps your battery and assistance visible in bright daylight and through polarized sunglasses.


The popular fishing kayak for open water just got better, meet the power assisted BigWater ePDL+ 132.

LENGTH - 13’ 2”

WIDTH - 36 in

BOAT WEIGHT - 143 lbs

HULL WEIGHT - 95 lbs




Are these available to buy?

Yes! Right now we have one for display only, but we can order them for customers and have them at our store within days.*

*Subject to changing delivery times

What is the runtime?

A fully charged battery on the highest Cruise Control Mode setting with average load and calm conditions will last approximately 3 hours. Durations in Power-Assisted Pedal Mode are dependent on speed variability and manual pedaling input. 

  • Cruise Control Mode 1: 46 hours*
  • Cruise Control Mode 3: 23 hours*
  • Cruise Control Mode 5: 3 hours* 
*New, fully charged battery on flat water with a moderate load. Your run times may vary.

How much does it cost?

The Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 costs $5,999.99 and includes a 36V lithium ion battery.

Can I retrofit my Bigwater PDL or Predator PDL for ePDL+ drive?

The ePDL+ drive cannot be retrofitted to fit BigWater PDL or Predator PDL models.

Will ePDL+ drive work without the battery?

The ePDL+™ Drive is operational as a non-powered PDL Drive when not connected to the battery. This is referred to Manual Mode. The display will not power on and the Power Assist/Cruise Control Modes will not function.

Do I need to register my Bigwater ePDL?

We recommend registering your BigWater ePDL+™ 132. Most states require any motorized vessel to be registered. Always check with local regulations for watercraft registration and safety requirements in your area.

This content was sourced from the Old Town Canoe Website.