The New Year Workshops at MSO

The New Year Workshops at MSO

A New Year's resolution is typically something that goes in one year and out the other...

So, this time, let's do something NEW. 

Learn the how to's of something new, the gear, supplies, safety, techniques, terminology and tips w/ our expert staff this Sunday, January 1, 2023!


Winter Running - 10 AM

How to start running in the winter

Ski Care & Maintenance - 10:30 AM

Waxing, edges, and proper storage

All Terrain / XC Skiing - 11 AM

Gear, setup, and tips

Overnight & Day Packing - 11:30 AM

How to pack for a day trip, as well as an overnight

Birding - 12 PM

How to start birding any season

Ice Fishing 101 - 12:30 PM

Techniques, safety, and supplies

Becoming a Maine Guide - 1 PM

The steps of becoming a Maine Guide

Fly Fishing 101 -1:30 PM

Terminology, tackle, and techniques

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