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Airhead Air Pump, 120v

Airhead Air Pump, 120v

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Hi-Pressure Inflatables and Towable Tube Pump

This 120 volt air pump inflates and deflates quickly and effectively. The peak pressure is 2.5 psi, meaning there's plenty of force to fill high end inflatable boats, rafts, towable tubes, pool floats, and more.

A pressure release valve is included to limit pressure to 1.4 psi, which prevents over-inflating. The accordion-style hose locks onto the pump, eliminating annoying disconnections. Four universal valve fittings fit all popular valves and lock onto the hose. You’ll love the screw-on Boston Valve adapter, an Airhead exclusive.

For added convenience, there’s a carry handle and a 10-foot long power cord. This Airhead high-pressure pump draws 6.1 amps / 730 watts, with a volume of 460 liters/minute. This is one of the best air pumps for towable tubes on the market!


  • Powerful pump for towable tubes
  • Uses any household 120 volt outlet
  • Includes reinforced hose
  • Carry handle for convenience
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