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AIRHEAD High Pressure Air Pump, 12v

AIRHEAD High Pressure Air Pump, 12v

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The 12 volt Towable Air Pump far exceeds the work of ordinary pumps. In fact, it produces three times the pressure of other 12C air pumps!

Use it to fully inflate towables, boats and rafts for peak performance. This air pump includes adaptors for all popular valves. A removable pressure release valve limits the output to 1.4 psi, the perfect inflation pressure for towables. The 21-inch hose is heavy duty and reinforced with PVC coils.

This powerful 12 volt air pump for towables is too powerful for a cigarette outlet, but works great when hooked up to your car, truck or boat battery (it comes with alligator clips connected to a 10 foot power cord). The overall volume is 410 liters/min, the maximum pressure is 2.5 psi, and it draws 28 amps / 340 watts.


  • Powerful 12 V pump for towable tubes
  • Uses alligator clips to attach to any car or boat battery
  • Includes reinforced hose
  • Carry handle for convenience
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