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Attache Screw-Lock Carabiner

Attache Screw-Lock Carabiner

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  • 3D shape keeps weight low while increasing the gate open strength
  • Compact pear-shaped HMS carabiner offers easy handling and facilitates belaying single ropes with a Munter hitch
  • Rope-bearing surfaces are designed to enhance rope positioning and movement without adding excess weight
  • Keylock nose won't snag on pro, ropes or slings, making the carabiner simple to clip
  • Petzl Attache 3D Screw-Lock Carabiner has a manual screwgate system with a red band indicator to show when the carabiner is unlocked, providing a quick visual safety check
Best Use


Carabiner Type


Gate Type


Gate Open Clearance

24 millimeters

Strength Major Axis Closed

22 kilonewtons

Strength Major Axis Open

8 kilonewtons

Strength Minor Axis

6 kilonewtons


103 x 69 millimeters


56 grams

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