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Bontrager Connection Comp MTB Tire

Bontrager Connection Comp MTB Tire

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A dependable and versatile replacement tire that delivers traction on paths and trails yet rolls smooth and is efficient on pavement.

The Connection Comp MTB Tire delivers confidence and traction on everything from city paths, trails, and even urban commutes. Smaller and more compact center knobs offer lower rolling resistance for a fast rolling tire while larger, more aggressive side knobs provide the traction over loose terrain and cornering confidence.

Product details

  1. Designed for trail, path, and street with a smooth-rolling tread for confident traction
  2. Smooth-rolling center tread provides the perfect balance of traction and efficiency
  3. Pronounced side tread adds confidence across unpaved trails and when cornering
  4. A great option to replace your worn out tires with
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