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V60 Red/Silver Hardwax 0/+3C, 43g

V60 Red/Silver Hardwax 0/+3C, 43g

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New, falling snow from +3°C to 0°C. Old/transformed snow from +1°C to -1°C. This wax is used up to +3°C on damp/'sticky', fresh snow and down to -1°C on older coarse snow. Apply several layers the warmer the temperature in order to ensure a good grip.

The V-series is designed for both racing and recreational skiing. The quality is very high due to carefully-selected, sophisticated wax qualities, synthetic rubbers and oils that meet strict health requirements.

Technical specifications:-

  • Product number : V0060
  • Country of Origin: : Norway
  • Season : Fall/Winter
  • Concept : V Line
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