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Wanderfreund Makalu

Wanderfreund Makalu

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  • Aergomed: Ergonomic grip for maximum comfort and support. The edgeless design allows for various gripping options
  • Heat treated aluminum, super sturdy, extremely robust and very durable
  • Speed Lock 2: Fast and easy adjustment of the pole length even whilst wearing gloves. Smaller, lighter and 20% higher holding force than SL 1. Adjust the tension as needed without using tools
  • Micro Basket: prevents sinking into soft surfaces and protects the lower shaft
  • Interchangeable basket system: makes it easy to screw on/off various LEKI baskets (not included) for different seasons or uses offset threads help to keep the baskets securely in place
  • Vulcanised Rubber Tip for perfect grip on asphalt, concrete and indoors as well as a low-noise pole plant
  • Remove the Rubber tip and expose the universal carbide flextip which is best suited for all hiking surfaces from the Trailhead to the Summit
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