Island Oasis

Island Oasis

In these times… where could you find more of an abundance of safe, clean air than on a remote island off the coast of Maine? An exclusive island experience in quintessential Maine; we would like to introduce you to Maine Island Lodge. This unique adventure is the perfect destination for your family, or your ‘bubble’ of friends looking to reunite, relax, recharge, or just get away from it all. Island time is truly the best time!

Our Maine Island Lodge is a beautiful 3 story off-the-grid home. It encompasses 20 acres on Gay Island in Muscongus Bay, a short boat ride away from Friendship, home of the original lobster boat, Friendship Sloops. There are 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms so that you can enjoy some personal space while still vacationing with your family or friends. The Lodge is powered by 12 solar panels to complete your off-grid experience with full electricity and plumbing. Our Lodge Manager, Rose, lives in a small cabin next door in case anything needs attending to. She will also captain the boat for your transportation to and from the lodge upon arrival and departure.

If you seek adventure, this island getaway is the perfect place to explore. We have sea kayaks and paddle boards just waiting for you! Looking for something perhaps a bit more relaxing? Read, rest, and recharge on the peaceful island. Enjoy a morning yoga session on the deck, explore the island by foot during the day, and slowly unwind watching the sunset on the majestic coastline while you sip local wine in an Adirondack chair. All this, and much more, awaits.

Written by Lodge Manager, Rose Weggler.

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