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Dalbello Green Menace 4.0 GW JR BLACK/BLACK Kid's Ski Boots

Dalbello Green Menace 4.0 GW JR BLACK/BLACK Kid's Ski Boots

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  • Recycled DB Hyperlite plastic shell and cuff components are made of recaptured plastics and 100% recycled materials recovered directly from production at Dalbello
  •  When injecting a plastic ski boot component, the material in the tubes that inject the liquid plastic into the molds solidifies, becoming plastic scrap
  •  Dalbello captures this scrap and grinds it to be reinjected, making new boots from material that has traditionally been discarded
  •  Fabric and foams for the Super Comfort J liners are also composed of 100% recycled materials, certified by each supplier
  •  Liners include TPU foams from reground material for the lining, recycled EVA for the collars and recycled polyester
  •  In all, 90% of each liner's weight consists of recovered materials
  •  Buckles are made from recyclable aluminum and steel; a low-temperature powder coating is used that requires 35% less energy and chemical-free polishing of the aluminum
  •  GripWalk Junior soles give the boots extra grip and make walking much easier than traditional boot soles
  •  Flex index: 40
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