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Light Trek Commuter Pro RT/Flare RT Recharge Black Set

Light Trek Commuter Pro RT/Flare RT Recharge Black Set

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Our best pair of lights. Daytime running lights for visibility, and Kindbeam that lights the way while staying out of oncoming riders' eyes.

Product details

  • See and be-seen light set for everything you need to ride with lights every ride, day or night
  • Commuter Pro RT with Kindbeam keeps light on the ground ahead of you and out of oncoming riders' eyes
  • Flare RT provides ultimate visibility for any road, city, or path
  • Specifically designed focus, flash, and range flash patterns for daytime visibility for up to 2km
  • Commuter Pro modes: high 1000LM — 1.5hrs, low 500LM — 3hrs, day flash 300 LM — 12hrs
  • Flare RT Flash modes: 90LM — 6hrs, 45LM — 12hrs, 5LM — 15hrs, Steady modes: 25LM — 4.5hrs, 5LM — 13.5hrs
  • Blendr-compatible for integrated mounting on compatible Blendr stems, helmets, and helmet mounts
  • USB-rechargeable with included USB-C and micro USB cable
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