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Monhegan Migration Tour

A Multi-Day Bird Watching Tour

Workshop Description

Monhegan Island, situated off the coast of Maine, is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. A birding tour on this picturesque island offers a unique and immersive experience for nature lovers. As you step off the ferry onto Monhegan's shores, you'll immediately be surrounded by the island's lush flora and abundant birdlife. The island's diverse habitats, from dense forests to rocky cliffs and pristine beaches, provide an ideal setting for spotting a wide variety of bird species.  One of the highlights of a birding tour on Monhegan Island is the chance to witness migratory birds up close. During the spring and fall, countless songbirds, raptors, and seabirds pass through the island on their journey, making it a prime location for observing rare and beautiful species. Birdwatchers often gather near the island's iconic lighthouse, where they can spot Peregrine Falcons, Common Eiders, and Northern Gannets among others. Monhegan's intimate size ensures that you can explore the island's different birding hotspots easily, each offering its own unique avian treasures.

In addition to the remarkable birdwatching opportunities, Monhegan Island's rustic charm and unspoiled natural beauty make it a memorable destination for both novice and experienced birders. The island's cozy inns and welcoming community provide a comfortable base for your birding adventures. Whether you're capturing photos of migratory warblers or simply reveling in the serenity of the island's landscape, a birding tour on Monhegan Island promises a truly unforgettable ornithological experience.

The autumn migration is especially notable.  As the summer folks thin out, the island becomes a birders’ heaven, with birding opportunities around every corner.  Led by local birder Evan Obercian, our tour will spend three days sampling what the island has to offer during the peak of migration, from warblers to hawks to sparrows to unexpected migrants.

While significant birding can be accomplished right from the village and it’s outskirts, we’ll be hiking some some narrow trails with lots of ups and downs so comfortable but sturdy shoes are strongly recommended.

Dates & Cost:

Spring 2024:

May 29th - 31st (2 nights): $900 Single or $1400 Double Occupancy

June 4th - 7th (3 nights): $1200 Single or $1850 Double Occupancy

Fall 2024:

September 3rd - 6th (3 nights): $1200 Single or $1850 Double Occupancy

September 15th - 17th (2 nights): $900 Single or $1400 Double Occupancy

September 27th - 30th (3 nights): $1200 Single or $1850 Double Occupancy

October 11th - 13th (2 nights): $900 Single or $1400 Double Occupancy

Pricing is per person.

About the Guide

Evan Obercian has been an avid birder since a very early age.  He has worked extensively collecting breeding bird and migration data in the field for countless projects.  His birding travels have taken him to five continents, but the birds of New England are his specialty.  He is deeply intimate with their behavior, seasonal movements, and vocalizations.  From 2014 to 2020 he was a full-time international guide for the birding tour outfit WINGS, where he gained a passion and skill for crafting enjoyable and educational experiences for clients of all levels of ability.  When not focusing on birds, he is equally excited by plants, mushrooms, and all things wildlife. 

More About the Monhegan House

Fall asleep to the sound of the sea and wake up to panoramic views of Maine’s premier seaside oasis. The Monhegan House offers 27 bright, comfortable rooms on four floors with beautiful views of the ocean, the lighthouse and meadow, or both. They offer both single and double rooms that are appointed with period furniture and plush, comfortable bedding.

Bring at least one extra layer more than you think you will need. Although the inn has a heated common area, rooms can get cold at night, especially if the sun is not shining, and mornings can already be chilly and damp.

Workshop Includes:

- Accommodations at the Monhegan House

- Breakfast and dinners at the Monhegan House 

- “Bird talk” during off hours in the lounge

- Round trip ferry transportation

Call us at 207-236-8797 for more information.

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