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Flyweight Pack Vest S/M Tan

Flyweight Pack Vest S/M Tan

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We load up Simms' performance-driven Flyweight Pack Vest when we head out to fish in the backcountry. This versatile fishing pack fits like a comfortable vest, letting us bring various-sized loads when we head to the river. With multiple pockets, patented gear mounts, and a roll-top bag, it's easy for this pack to accommodate every fishing adventure we take.


  • Low-bulk, customizable carry solution for backcountry fishing
  • Fits comfortably like a vest with the volume to bring it all
  • Durable nylon materials are lightweight and water-resistant
  • Roll-top bag accommodates various load sizes for trips big and small
  • Patented Hexgrid technology on strap offers versatile gear mounting
  • Compatible with all Simms Flyweight pods and accessories
  • Item #SMMF0AC
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